Stopping Brexit

An open and progressive Britain - inside the EU.

key_CambridgeStaysRally.jpgFighting Brexit is my number one priority – as our MP I would build on my strong record of working constructively, across party lines to keep us in the EU. I am a passionate European and I fundamentally believe in the positive internationalist values of the European project. 

It was my strong belief in us remaining at the heart of Europe which led me to be a lead campaigner in a grass roots cross party campaign, Cambridge for Europe. I believe I have the necessary policy expertise, campaigning know how and the professional background needed. As a business owner who works across and beyond the EU, I can speak out with authority about the real problems Brexit is already causing. Brexit isn't an abstract idea. Right now it is damaging the lives of our colleagues, friends and neighbours.

And once we stop Brexit, we need to do far more to build a prosperous, tolerant and inclusive society. I have always believed that we have a duty to fight poverty and all forms of discrimination, whether it’s based on gender, class, disability, religion, race, age or sexuality. We need an end to the idealogical austerity of the Tory party which has gone so much further than simply addressing the financial crisis. We need to invest in our schools and public services, to build the open and progressive Britain I know we all want to live in.