Family and Student Mental Health

As the Lib Dems announce our plan to invest £11bn to provide parity of mental health service with physical healthcare, Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate Rod Cantrill sits down with Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Anna Conway Morris to hear her thought's on improving mental heath provision for children, families and students in Cambridge. With Cambridge's large student population at particular risk of mental ill-heath, Dr Conway Morris describes the 'Healthy Campus' approach to protecting and helping young people. Continue reading

Time to Act - Speech to Cambridge Stays

Yesterday, as Boris Johnson confirmed his threat to shut down parliament and force through his undemocratic no-deal Brexit, Rod spoke at the well attended Cambridge Stays protest rally in Cambridge Market Square. Continue reading

Concern at loss of city green space

As parliamentary candidate for Cambridge, I think a lot about what our city should look like in ten, twenty or thirty years time. Continuing to reduce the amount of green space that people experience in their daily lives and which is available to enjoy is certainty not part of that vision. Continue reading

Public must have option to reject botched BREXIT

Cambridge Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate, Rod Cantrill has warned the Tories’ ‘botched Brexit’ will leave people poorer and Jeremy Corbyn's Labour will still deliver BREXIT, just under a different name.  He called for MPs to give the public a final say on the deal. Continue reading

Rod calls on council to offer a bed to homeless every night over winter months

SIGN THE PETITION In the last 12 months five homeless people have died in Cambridge.  That is five too many.  In a prosperous city like Cambridge, the fact that people are sleeping rough on our streets over the winter period is completely unacceptable. We are calling on the city council to double its efforts on addressing the homeless crisis in our city by guaranteeing the offer of a bed for all rough sleepers every night over the winter period, not just on the nights when the severe weather emergency protocol is in use.     Continue reading