The Climate Emergency


Our planet is facing a climate emergency: we need to act now.

We face two critical challenges - Brexit, which will be life changing, and manmade climate change that could be life threatening, unless we act now. The young people I marched with through Cambridge a few weeks ago were clear in their call for action. There is no planet B.

The causes and effects of climate change can be seen already across Cambridge from the poor quality of the air we breathe, day in day out, to the dangerously low level of the River Cam and the chalk streams that feed it. The time for politicians sitting on their hands has passed. Earlier this year, I called for urgent action when I proposed a motion calling for the City Council to declare a climate emergency and set a 2030 carbon neutral target for Cambridge. 

I have a clear vision for how we tackle the problem head-on, from a modern, cleaner transport network and sustainable energy networks, to making sure all our homes are truly sustainable.  Building on the ground-breaking work on sustainability the Liberal Democrats achieved when we ran the City Council, Cambridge should be the greenest city in Britain, setting the bar for other places to aspire to. From innovative businesses to our world-renowned universities, we have some of the brightest minds in the world tackling the problem right here in Cambridge.

It is in the interests of all of us, for those young people marching through the streets of Cambridge and for future generations that we act now. I hope you are with me.