Rod has a track record of delivering for the residents of Cambridge for over a decade, be it in Newnham or across the city


Delivering for the city

  • Put in place the high sustainable new housing development, with 50% affordable housing on the Southern Fringe
  • Delivered new tree planting programme on the city’s open spaces
  • Saved the Alexandra Garden trees
  • Introduced the Real living wage in to the council
  • Introduced more allotments across the city
  • Created the joint venture with Cambridge University for community facilities on one of the urban extensions
  • Put in place the community build project in North Cambridge 


As a campaigner

  • Fighting the redevelopment of the Hilton Doubletree Hotel overlooking Mill Pond
  • Opposing the increase in mooring fees for River Cam Boaters
  • Battling the cutting back of trees on Alexandra Gardens
  • Opposing the off-road Cambourne to Cambridge bus route – cutting across the green belt of the West Fields
  • Called for Cambridge to become a Real living wage city


Fighting for Newnham

  • New benches across the ward
  • Successfully fighting the cuts in the local bus service in Newnham
  • Funding for the renovation of Penarth Place Play area
  • Introduced solar stud lighting across Lammas Land green space
  • Introduced new play equipment on Lammas Land
  • Opposed inappropriate planning applications – new block of flats on Eltisley Avenue
  • Campaigned for the tennis court to be refurbished